Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share’

Glasgow trio Chvrches are back with follow-up single ‘The Mother We Share’, lead by the sweet-natured vocals of singer Lauren Mayberry this lyrical-electro power pop single soars through the air on a bed of dizzy keyboards and percussion claps.  The single follows equally resplendent debut offering ‘Lies’ and is out on 5 November via National … Continue reading

Seye – ‘White Noise’

This sunny side-up electro pop track from Seye (that’s Shey-ah) is all clattering drums and honeyed vocals. As the brother of Gbenga Adelekan, the bassist from Mercury-nominated band Metronomy, perhaps great music is in Seye’s blood. ‘White Noise’ is a pleasant side-step from the current plethora of predictably formulaic music and one that will get inevitably stuck in the heads of all that listen to it.

Is Tropical – ‘South Pacific’

This is a little nugget of euphoric synth pop.  Some might say it veers towards cheesey, but anything this innocently carefree cannot help but put a smile onto the face of even the most resolute of grumps. The fuzzy vocals blend effortlessly, as if it is just another instrument used to create the dreamy electronic soundscape that … Continue reading