For all music submissions:

Please do not attach music files to your emails, instead please send us links to your soundcloud / Youtube etc.  Make sure to include some info on your music/band and some promo pics.

Drop us a line at:

Please note that due to a large amount of submissions we are unfortunately not able to respond to all messages.


If you would like to write for This Town is Folly please:

Send us a message telling us about yourself (name, age, location, interests) and how you would like to contribute, include a sample of your written work or a link to any published work you may have.

Everyone working on This Town is Folly does so voluntarily, however we are able to throw free gig passes, downloads and CD’s your way.

Email us at: with ‘Write for This Town is Folly’ in the subject line, or Tweet us @ClaireHolly_

2 Responses to “Submit”
  1. Dan says:


    I’ve recently started this music project…i got really good feedback so far. Don’t really know if it’s good enough for your website, but check it out, you might like it.
    Love your blog by the way.

    or (just a little bit of fun i had with covering a kanye song)


  2. South Banks says:

    Dear This is Folly,

    South Banks

    South Banks is fusing various genres of music with Hip Hop.

    Only thing we care about is the music and the love that flows between us while playing it.

    Understand that we play Hip-Hop with real instruments, no samples found here.

    The line underneath is more important.

    Hear our EP to understand. ( Downloadable Mp3’s found here. Photos found here.

    Based out of Red Bank, NJ and Los Angeles, CA, we have played multiple shows locally. This includes a packed out performance at the legendary Stone Pony venue in Asbury Park, NJ.

    Ambitious; we want to develop as a band and reach our fullest potential.

    Now is when we promote our latest music video for the single “Superwoman,” in which we shot and produced ourselves. (

    Knowledgeable and handsome! J

    South Banks respects This is Folly and values their diversity of artists; we hope to develop a mutual friendship together.

    Thanks so much for your time.


    Vinny Zerbo.

    (Member of South Banks)

    Twitter – @south_banks

    Facebook –

    Contact –

    DropBox – Please Inquire for This

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