Eternal Summers – ‘Disciplinarian’

Eternal Summers have made some great tracks, but seem predisposed to an existence of never quite being in the spotlight.  ‘Disciplinarian’ is off their latest EP ‘Silver’ and is thankfully of similar greatness. The steady driving beat of Daniel Cundiff’s drums accompany Nicole Yun’s looping vocals and strumming guitar to create an infectiously fastpaced little pop gem. Wiggle your ears … Continue reading

El Guincho – ‘Hindou’

Goodbye summer, the season that failed to be. Here is a tribute to what it should have felt like, brought to you by El Guincho of Barcelona.

Erin K and Tash – ‘Oh Well EP’

Erin K and Tash are a bit, well, weird. A magnificent, beaming anomaly of anti folk, glazed with quirky beats and sprinkled with amusing off-kilter ditty’s. This is charming music with cleverly written witty lyrics that toy with anecdotes about sex, drugs and nursery rhymes. These girls certainly don’t take themselves too seriously, hilariously sending up … Continue reading

Say Whaaat?

Nine Inch Nails vs The Beatles – ‘Come Closer Together‘. Yes, go on, have a little listen. (WARNING: there are some naughty rude words.)

Hello Folly!

And so it doth beginneth…