Sulk – ‘Wishes’

So the Stone Roses have announced a set of reunion gigs , at the very same park that Oasis played their rather uninspiring reunion gig a couple of years back.  Yes, I have bought my tickets and yes I do share that sinking feeling that they will be good-and-I’m-glad-I-saw-them-because-they’re-legends-but-really-they-were-never-going-to-be-as-good-as-they-were-so-it-was-a-bit-of-a-let-down. However, I digress.  The point of … Continue reading

Banjo or Freakout – ‘Idiot Rain’

Banjo or Freakout is the one time bedroom project of London-based producer/remixer Alessio Natalizia.  A warm, lulling track filled with guitar serenades and plucked bass that reveals Alessio at his best.  The track envelopes you in a blissful blanket of harmonies and drones.  This is a finely tuned example of self concious craftmanship, a muted yet beautifully characteristic piece … Continue reading

Islington Boys Club – ‘Pristine 16’

Islington Boys Club walk the line between indie shoe gaze and post punk rock, topping off their in-your-face greatness with a nice dose of anthemic guitars.  Fronted by the androgynous Andy Lovelee (he of little clothes and undeterminable gender) IBC’s live sets are played out with theatrical aggression and captivating energy. ‘Plastic 16’ is part of … Continue reading

Oh Minnows – ‘Everyday’

As a big fan of the incredibly amazing Young and Lost Club, I had an inkling that I would also be a fan of signing Oh Minnows. Formerly a key member of Semifinalists (ace band, now unfortunately no more) Chris Steel-Nicholson has recently released ‘Everyday’ a chilled out slice of lazy shoegaze  niceness. Have a listen … Continue reading