Braids – ‘Lemonade’/’Plath Heart’

Today it’s another Canandian group that’s warming up our ear drums. Taken from their debut album ‘Native Speaker’ this double A side features the delicate soundscape that is ‘Lemonade‘. An ambient offering full of intense vocals and understated synths and percussian. ‘Plath Heart’ is the second offering on this joint release and is a gloriously … Continue reading

Yeasayer – ‘Valentines Day EP’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Who needs a gift wielding loved one on Valentines day when you can have a free EP from Brooklyn based music monkeys Yeasayer?  This little nugget of EP goodness features ‘I Remember’ from their album ‘Odd Blood’, plus a couple of remixes of the track. As well as being one of the better tracks off … Continue reading

Tennis – ‘South Carolina’

Tennis are hot property right now,  a husband/wife duo who go by the names Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore.  ‘South Carolina’ , their first single, is a seriously lo-fi 60s piece of pop, a twee concoction of retro haziness and emotional vocals.

Miniature Tigers – ‘Bullfighter Jacket’

  I got extremely excited when I saw this video, and the song aint half bad either! This is jangly 60’s inspired pop, all happy-go-lucky harmonies, sunny piano and strumming guitars. It’s really quite pleasant, like a dose of serotonin on a miserable day and is a fine example of Miniature Tigers clean, psychedelic tinged musical leanings.  The … Continue reading

Sufjan Stevens – ‘I Walked’

Epic, atmospheric, weird. These are all words that neatly describe Sufjan Stevens and his latest album is no different, except that it is more song based than previous offerings.  Wonderfully eccentric recent track ‘I Walked’ treads the line between Kid A and Bjork, weaving a spidery beauty. However the track never manages to reach its … Continue reading

The XX – Crystalised

On the evening of their amazing Mercury Prize win, here is a tribute to one of the best British bands of the moment, The XX. Fighting off competition from icons such as British legend Paul Weller, folk darling Laura Marling, indie rockers Foals and grime popper Dizzee Rascal, as well as the more underground Kit … Continue reading

Wild Beasts – Hooting and Howling

Wild Beasts emit that delicate type of eccentricity that fits snugly between lyrical poetry and ingenious charm.  These Kendal reared lads create intelligent, light hearted imagery against a back drop of unique and eloquently crafted guitars and percussion. This etheral and finely tuned anthem is part of their ‘Two Dancers’ album, and reveals why these boys … Continue reading

New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack – ‘Lullaby Us’

‘Lullaby Us’ is NYAAA’s latest track, and it’s their best offering to date.  Originally posted as a bonus track to their ‘The Collection’ EP, ‘Lullaby Us’ is easily the cream of the assortment of tracks on the compilation.  These three pretty boys from Bradford are already creating a buzz in certain areas of the new … Continue reading