Joey Bada$$ – ‘Waves’

The official video for Joey Bada$$ track ‘Waves’ was dropped today.  The single, a forerunner from his mixtape ‘1999’, is trademark Badas$$.  A nostalgic vein runs through the album, with classic hip hop sentiment woven around each track and ‘Waves’ is a prominent example of the stripped down beats that characterise the Joey Bada$$ sound. … Continue reading

UNSIGNED: The Adamski Kid – ‘Mowgli’

East London songwriter/producer The Adamski Kid (formerly of now defunct synth-pop outfit Dirty Disco) has recently released ‘Mowgli’ from his own label B!tch! Cassettes, following support from radio heavyweights Tom Robinson and Larry Flick. ‘Mowgli’ is is an expedition in eccentricity, without veering too far into the abyss of overt craziness.  Offbeat and incredibly listenable, … Continue reading

UNSIGNED: Molly’s Lipps – ‘Scars’

Hailing from the depths of East London, unsigned sextet Molly’s Lipps conjure up a mix of grunge guitar sounds, synths and shady vocals.  Molly’s Lipps do trippy, anthemic songs brilliantly, with more than a hint of retro 80’s rock.  London hipsters these guys may be (all clashing prints and ironic grandad shirts) but they have … Continue reading

FREE DOWNLOAD: Grimes – ‘Genesis’

To celebrate her recent signing to 4AD, and ahead of her forthcoming album release on the 12th March, Claire ‘Grimes’ Boucher is giving away this excellent MP3 taster track ‘Genesis’ – think of it as a belated Christmas gift! A poignant piece of lo-fi singed, ethereal synth-pop, intertwined with the breathy, abstract vocals that make … Continue reading

Woman’s Hour – ‘Human’

This Kendal bred, London based four-piece produce transfixing soundscapes that combine haunting vocals with drawn out guitars and scratchy synths.  Their music is prevalent with influences taken from the last decade of indie and yet manages to avoid falling into the imitation trap. ‘Human’ is a minimalist and progressive track, stripped back to allow for … Continue reading

S.C.U.M – ‘Whitechapel’

Here we have the upcoming single from London art-rock quintet S.C.U.M , set to be released on September 26.  S.C.U.M have been knocking about for a couple of years now without releasing anything of real significance, but after hearing this that could well be about to change. ‘Whitechapel’ is a absolute behemoth of a tune, … Continue reading

Love Inks – ‘Too Wild’

One listen of Love Inks and I was smitten.  A wave of lady love overcame me as vocalist Sherry LeBlanc’s etheral tones wash over me, shame then that she’s married to band mate and bassist Kevin Dehan. Together with guitarist Adam Linnell the trio make minimalist music with a lo-fi aesthetic. Too Wild is a … Continue reading

Yuck – ‘Get Away’

The lo-fi love affair that is ‘Get Away’ is Yuck’s latest offering to the music masses.  Out in April this track is a nostalgic nod towards the late 80s post-hardcore movements, all understated riffs and fuzzy melodies.  Whilst not revolutionary, Yuck’s sound is comforting in a downbeat sort of way.  They’ve sure come a long way … Continue reading

The First Loves – ‘Realise’/’Sweet Cliche’

There is something a bit special about The First Loves that make them stand out amongst a crowd of post-punk worshippers.  Grungy, reverberting guitars and pulsating rhythms are punctuated with art-rock sensibilities.  The general ambience of their sound is that of an imposing austerity, this is indeed dark music, the kind that hits your heart … Continue reading

Tennis – ‘South Carolina’

Tennis are hot property right now,  a husband/wife duo who go by the names Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore.  ‘South Carolina’ , their first single, is a seriously lo-fi 60s piece of pop, a twee concoction of retro haziness and emotional vocals.