Savages – ‘Husbands’/’Flying to Berlin’

Still buzzing from their fervent set at this weekend’s 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch festival, it’s only fair to give praise to what became one of the pivotal performances of the day.  Savages, an all-girl post-punk four piece, tore through their set with ferocious energy and skill.  On the face of it Savages appear to be incredibly in-tune … Continue reading

Unsigned: Mahalia

Mahalia (or Mahalia Music as she is sometimes referred to) is a 13yr old prodigy with some amazing talent going on.  We caught her performing last night at The Bedford (Balham, London) on the same bill as Israel Cannan and Yoyo Eskimo.  A singer-songwriter with huge commercial appeal, it won’t be long before this girl … Continue reading

FabricLive – That Day That Benga Made

It’s one of London’s most talked about night spots – the infamous Fabric. A Warehouse full of 24 hour party people traipsing between its many rooms and none too glamorous cement ‘outdoor’ area. It’s Friday night (and I feel all right) and I’m quivering in the cold whilst burly bouncer man handles me into the club. … Continue reading

New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack – ‘Lullaby Us’

‘Lullaby Us’ is NYAAA’s latest track, and it’s their best offering to date.  Originally posted as a bonus track to their ‘The Collection’ EP, ‘Lullaby Us’ is easily the cream of the assortment of tracks on the compilation.  These three pretty boys from Bradford are already creating a buzz in certain areas of the new … Continue reading

Pulling at my Heartstrings

Today Sunderland darlings Frankie and the Heartstrings announced that they and their label Pop Sex Ltd will be putting on a new live music/club night branded as PopSex028. The event will take place in the group’s home town in an effort to get some of their favourite bands to play in that stottie loving corner … Continue reading

T3eth – Toothy Business

T3eth are a threesome with a difference. Easy listening this is not, so folk fans turn away now, there is nothing for you here! An amalgamation of electronic devices, vocals and drums, with punk sensibilities and excellent body moving capabilities, this is music that veers on the edge of the insane. The sounds aren’t polished … Continue reading

Wild Nothing – New EP ‘Evertide’

The end of June saw the release of Wild Nothing’s new EP ‘Evertide’, which is available on a fancy very limited edition hard copy featuring French artist Franz Vesolt’s artwork (I believe only 75 hard copies have been made.) Naturally you can also download the EP on your interweb machine. Wild Nothing is the project … Continue reading

Local Natives: Impromptu Street Gig

London’s so-trendy-it-hurts Hoxton Square played host to what was expected to be a small Local Natives gig last night. The California rockers had reportedly only expected a minimal crowd, and as such had proceeded to bring along a bunch of acoustic instruments for what they thought set to be a cozy open air affair. No … Continue reading

Tubelord’s Brand Spankin’ New EP

Tubelord are to release a new EP, the tongue twistingly titled ‘Tezcatlipōca’ (“tehs-cah-tlee-poh’-cah” apparently.) The EP consists of three fine tracks and will be released on August 16th of this year. Drowned in Sound have reported that Tubelord informed them that the title is of Aztec origins and that the three tracks ‘Arbour’, ‘Ratchet’ and … Continue reading

It’s Parklife (festival)

The first ever Parklife Festival took place on Saturday 12th June at Manchester’s Platt Fields Park, kicking off the summer season for the many local students and festival goers enjoying the sunshine. The one day event presented a value for money solution to the onslaught of music festivals currently emerging on the UK scene. A … Continue reading