MØ – ‘Glass’

We love a great Dane and this Copenhagen native is really rather brilliant. Karen ‘MØ’ Ørsted makes music with a distinctive mix of influences from electro, hip hop, indie and soul.  Latest single ‘Glass’ is a sauntering display of candied pop, lacerated with MØ’s acerbic views on growing up and moving on.  Synths shatter around lithe vocal melodies, … Continue reading

Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share’

Glasgow trio Chvrches are back with follow-up single ‘The Mother We Share’, lead by the sweet-natured vocals of singer Lauren Mayberry this lyrical-electro power pop single soars through the air on a bed of dizzy keyboards and percussion claps.  The single follows equally resplendent debut offering ‘Lies’ and is out on 5 November via National … Continue reading

UNSIGNED: Molly’s Lipps – ‘Scars’

Hailing from the depths of East London, unsigned sextet Molly’s Lipps conjure up a mix of grunge guitar sounds, synths and shady vocals.  Molly’s Lipps do trippy, anthemic songs brilliantly, with more than a hint of retro 80’s rock.  London hipsters these guys may be (all clashing prints and ironic grandad shirts) but they have … Continue reading

Islands – ‘Hallways’

When I stumbled across this a pearl of tune, it pretty much turned my day upside down.  Rolling drum beats collide with a thumping piano riff, whilst an overlay of slide guitar and softer melodies and harmonies evoke the feeling of warm sunshine beating down on pale skin.  If your desk job’s got you pining … Continue reading

Diagrams – ‘Tall Buildings’

Diagrams “Tall Buildings” had my ears prickling.  The driving pop beat lays the perfect foundation for a funky bass lick hook, which alone got my feet tapping and shoulders swaying.  On top of this solid underlay, we find the electronic, buzzing centre of the track that ignites the whole groove of the song. The vocal … Continue reading

Woman’s Hour – ‘Human’

This Kendal bred, London based four-piece produce transfixing soundscapes that combine haunting vocals with drawn out guitars and scratchy synths.  Their music is prevalent with influences taken from the last decade of indie and yet manages to avoid falling into the imitation trap. ‘Human’ is a minimalist and progressive track, stripped back to allow for … Continue reading

Real Estate – ‘Green Aisles’

Now the giddy summer months have finally departed ‘Green Aisles’ by Real Estate seems the perfect soundtrack to calmer Autumnal times. This track from their forthcoming second album ‘Days’ has the band delivering 5 minutes of sublime dream-pop for the listener to languidly drift through. There is much to contemplate on this track, and  none … Continue reading

Alt-J Δ – ‘Tessellate’

Despite the appallingly pretentious name (come on guys) this track is sterling. An inventive mash of bluesy vocals and incongruous melodies, Tessellate reverberates eccentrically through its 3minutes and 18seconds.  A stuttering beat is laid across a simplified backing of atmospheric tension, whilst ambiguous lyrics litter the track effervescently. A layered masterpiece that loops and flays … Continue reading

Replicas – ‘The City’

A newborn of a band, Replicas have steadily built a sturdy underground fan base since their inception at the end of 2010. The partnership of vocalist/guitarist Helena Gee and vocalist/guitarist/keys player Ashiya Eastwood has resulted in an amalgamation of icy, melodic, pop music, with a grungy edge and provocative tendencies. ‘The City’ is part of … Continue reading

Age of Consent – ‘The Beach’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Age of Consent are releasing debut single “The Beach” on the September 5th. Produced by Luke Smith (who can boast Depeche Mode, Foals and Crystal Fighters in his credit roll) the song is a dark electro-pop number. Creepy is one word that could be used to sum it up and the track is a clear … Continue reading