MØ – ‘Glass’

We love a great Dane and this Copenhagen native is really rather brilliant. Karen ‘MØ’ Ørsted makes music with a distinctive mix of influences from electro, hip hop, indie and soul.  Latest single ‘Glass’ is a sauntering display of candied pop, lacerated with MØ’s acerbic views on growing up and moving on.  Synths shatter around lithe vocal melodies, … Continue reading

Joey Bada$$ – ‘Waves’

The official video for Joey Bada$$ track ‘Waves’ was dropped today.  The single, a forerunner from his mixtape ‘1999’, is trademark Badas$$.  A nostalgic vein runs through the album, with classic hip hop sentiment woven around each track and ‘Waves’ is a prominent example of the stripped down beats that characterise the Joey Bada$$ sound. … Continue reading

Evian Christ – ‘Fuck It None Of Y’all Don’t Rap’

Here’s a nugget of satisfyingly grammatically incorrect, bass-laden rap goodness for you of a Friday afternoon.  The oh-so-elusive Evian Christ retains an air of mystery through their teasing anonymity, subsequently (and somewhat predictably) driving music taste makers into a competitive guessing game of sorts. Whomever Evian Christ is he/she has been producing some tunes! Have an ear … Continue reading

Rizzle Kicks – ‘Prophet (Better Watch It)’

Mixing up a bit of old skool 90s hip hop with electronic indie inflections Rizzle Kicks refer to their sound as ‘indie-hop’ – we like.  The Brighton based duo previously released a mixtape featuring multiple samples from some indie greats (including The Strokes, Larrikin Love and the Arctic Monkeys.) Shortly after the pair started to … Continue reading

Wretch 32 – Traktor

Sometimes you come across a track that is a fackin’ tune! When I was introduced to this class act it instantly had me wrapped up in its dirty bass notes and dancehall drums. The scuzzy electronic elements of the track are  juxtaposed neatly against segments of piano harmonies and some seriously sly wordplay. Crank it up…

Akala – XXL

Look, I know it’s not shiny and new but I can’t get this track out of my head. It’s been running round my skull like a little hip hop tasmanian devil. For those who haven’t heard his work before, here is a little Akala-education. (oh, and he’s also Miss Dynamite-tee-hee’s little brother!)