ILLLS – ‘Teeth’

Mississippi duo ILLLS create a specific blend of progressive, swampy anglo-american rock, complete with scuzzy overlay and post-punk references.  Ok look, they’re just really, really good! The highly anticipated ILLLS EP is due for release in June, but if you’re itching for a bit of action while you wait, here’s ‘Teeth’ fresh off the forthcoming … Continue reading

UNSIGNED: Molly’s Lipps – ‘Scars’

Hailing from the depths of East London, unsigned sextet Molly’s Lipps conjure up a mix of grunge guitar sounds, synths and shady vocals.  Molly’s Lipps do trippy, anthemic songs brilliantly, with more than a hint of retro 80’s rock.  London hipsters these guys may be (all clashing prints and ironic grandad shirts) but they have … Continue reading

Bleeding Knees Club – ‘I’

Australia…native home of kangaroos, BBQ’s and scuzzy garage duos.  Indeed Bleeding Knees Club is a moniker of all that is right with Aussie rock music – simplistic chords, piercing high hat and a massive injection of ‘don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude. ‘I‘ is a perfect example of what Bleeding Knees Club do best and is likely to be … Continue reading