Unsigned: Mahalia

Mahalia (or Mahalia Music as she is sometimes referred to) is a 13yr old prodigy with some amazing talent going on.  We caught her performing last night at The Bedford (Balham, London) on the same bill as Israel Cannan and Yoyo Eskimo.  A singer-songwriter with huge commercial appeal, it won’t be long before this girl … Continue reading

Bodies of Water – ‘One Hand Loves the Other’

The utterly mesmerising opening track to Bodies of Water’s new album ‘Twist Again’.  Carefully constructed and artfully considered, it tentatively meanders through a hazy cloud of delicate vocals and ambiguous lyrics.  Core band members David and Meredith feed off  one another throughout the track, recorded in their notorious self-constructed home studio, the end result is … Continue reading

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – ‘Atlantic City’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Folly favourite Benjamin Francis Leftwich will be releasing his long awaited debut album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm’  this summer. A man with beautiful lungs who creates delicate pieces of emotive musical brilliance the album is set to be a treasure chest of elegant melodies. First single ‘Box of Stones’ will be released on … Continue reading

Crystal Fighters – ‘At Home’

‘At Home’ is the latest single from the astoundingly energetic and sickeningly hip Crystal Fighters.  A joyous voyage into mandolin infused electronic-folk awesomeness, the quintets Spanish-English breeding is in full force here to create a warm piece of swooping pop.  The chorus is a wall of vocals offset by self assured melodies and catchy phrasing … Continue reading

Banjo or Freakout – ‘Idiot Rain’

Banjo or Freakout is the one time bedroom project of London-based producer/remixer Alessio Natalizia.  A warm, lulling track filled with guitar serenades and plucked bass that reveals Alessio at his best.  The track envelopes you in a blissful blanket of harmonies and drones.  This is a finely tuned example of self concious craftmanship, a muted yet beautifully characteristic piece … Continue reading

On the Playlist for February

These are the acts we can’t get enough of right now, if you listen to only one thing this month make it one of these guys: 10 acts we’re crankin’ up our ipods for during February: 1. Deerhoof 2. Islington Boys Club 3. Tennis 4. Breton 5. Let’s Buy Happiness 6. Benjamin Francis Leftwich 7. … Continue reading

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – FREE DOWNLOAD

21 year old Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a singer songwriter from York whose melancholic vocals and excellent guitar skills has led to him working with the likes of Mercury nominated I Am Kloot and Folly favourite Fionn Regan. His EP ‘A Million Miles Out’ is a declaration of his delicate workmanship and the hopeful overtones of … Continue reading

Laura Marling – ‘I Speak Because I Can’

One thing that Laura Marling exudes is an apparent wisdom beyond her years.  Only just out of her teenage years, Marling continues to pen folk-rock that harbors little girlishness, instead creating haunting tales of heartbreak and loneliness. There is something incredibly desolate about her vocals, a dark edge that belies her age and makes it … Continue reading

Fionn Regan – Be Good or Be Gone

Having just got back from the Serpentine Sessions in Hyde Park (three words: darn tooting marvellous – but more on that later) here is a ‘Be Good or Be Gone’ by Fionn Regan. The video is something special too!

An Ode to Lissie

This Southern American belle has been doing her folk/country thing for a while now, but has started to make some serious waves across the UK. Having recently appeared in The Observer and on Jools Holland, Lissie is increasingly gaining the attention of the British music press. Her music is easy going, beautiful Americana that verges … Continue reading