Fyfe – ‘Solace’

Yet another faceless artist has emerged with a rather brilliant electronic-pop track.  We might  not yet know much about Fyfe, but what we do know is that debut release ‘Solace’ is a stripped-back, mournful sounding track littered with somber lyrics about rejection and loss.  Cheery stuff.  Nevertheless, its simplicity and clean tones are a winner and the … Continue reading

MØ – ‘Glass’

We love a great Dane and this Copenhagen native is really rather brilliant. Karen ‘MØ’ Ørsted makes music with a distinctive mix of influences from electro, hip hop, indie and soul.  Latest single ‘Glass’ is a sauntering display of candied pop, lacerated with MØ’s acerbic views on growing up and moving on.  Synths shatter around lithe vocal melodies, … Continue reading

Deptford Goth – ‘Union’

Skulking around the alley ways of SE8 London, is a 28 year old producer known as the Deptford Goth.  A melancholy figure, whose music contains fragments of macabre undertones against vast graceful beats.  Describing his work as “sitting somewhere between real and synthetic” it’s easy to imagine the Deptford Goth himself treading a fine line between … Continue reading

O Safari – ‘Taxi’

Sometimes you just really, really want to listen to a bit of French synth-pop, non?  Comin’ straight outta Rennes, O Safari deliver a blend of 80’s camp with a bit of that good old French charm.  You may not be able to understand a word of what they’re saying, but it won’t stop you shimmying around … Continue reading

Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share’

Glasgow trio Chvrches are back with follow-up single ‘The Mother We Share’, lead by the sweet-natured vocals of singer Lauren Mayberry this lyrical-electro power pop single soars through the air on a bed of dizzy keyboards and percussion claps.  The single follows equally resplendent debut offering ‘Lies’ and is out on 5 November via National … Continue reading

UNSIGNED: The Adamski Kid – ‘Mowgli’

East London songwriter/producer The Adamski Kid (formerly of now defunct synth-pop outfit Dirty Disco) has recently released ‘Mowgli’ from his own label B!tch! Cassettes, following support from radio heavyweights Tom Robinson and Larry Flick. ‘Mowgli’ is is an expedition in eccentricity, without veering too far into the abyss of overt craziness.  Offbeat and incredibly listenable, … Continue reading

Purity Ring – ‘Obedear’

The first track from the anticipated Purity Ring debut album ‘Shrines’ (due out on 24th July from 4AD) is the dreamy ‘Obedear’.  There’s something in this song that reminds me of Grimes (another increasingly visible 4AD contender), perhaps it’s the ethereal little-girl vocals, but whatever it is, I’m seriously liking the current wave of future … Continue reading

Seye – ‘White Noise’


This sunny side-up electro pop track from Seye (that’s Shey-ah) is all clattering drums and honeyed vocals. As the brother of Gbenga Adelekan, the bassist from Mercury-nominated band Metronomy, perhaps great music is in Seye’s blood. ‘White Noise’ is a pleasant side-step from the current plethora of predictably formulaic music and one that will get inevitably stuck in the heads of all that listen to it.

Diagrams – ‘Tall Buildings’

Diagrams “Tall Buildings” had my ears prickling.  The driving pop beat lays the perfect foundation for a funky bass lick hook, which alone got my feet tapping and shoulders swaying.  On top of this solid underlay, we find the electronic, buzzing centre of the track that ignites the whole groove of the song. The vocal … Continue reading

SBTRKT – ‘Atomic Peace’

This track, recorded in 2009, has just been uploaded to SoundCloud by the almightly SBTRKT, and it’s definitely a bit tasty…