Enei – ‘Runnin’ ft. Georgia Yates [CRITICAL]

Young Russian Enei (aka Alexey Egorchenkov) has, since he emerged on the scene in 2008, become one of the most respected producers in electronic bass. ¬† His debut album ‘Machines’, released today, is a mix of gut wrenching bass and rolling, delicately ethereal tracks such as ‘Runnin’, featuring the transcendent vocals of Georgia Yates and … Continue reading

Evian Christ – ‘Fuck It None Of Y’all Don’t Rap’

Here’s a nugget of satisfyingly grammatically incorrect, bass-laden rap goodness for you of a Friday afternoon. ¬†The oh-so-elusive Evian Christ retains an air of mystery through their teasing anonymity, subsequently (and somewhat predictably) driving music¬†taste makers¬†into a competitive guessing game of sorts. Whomever Evian Christ is he/she has been producing some tunes! Have an ear … Continue reading