Deptford Goth – ‘Union’

Deptford Goth

Skulking around the alley ways of SE8 London, is a 28 year old producer known as the Deptford Goth.  A melancholy figure, whose music contains fragments of macabre undertones against vast graceful beats.  Describing his work as “sitting somewhere between real and synthetic” it’s easy to imagine the Deptford Goth himself treading a fine line between the absolute and the illusory, traipsing between the lulls of real life and the escapism of his allegorical productions.  Latest track ‘Union’ follows this pattern of opposing sensibilities combined with an impressive composition.  The video features a rather forlorn looking Mr Goth wandering around some green space with helium balloons tied to his wrists, not exactly how I’d spend a day down the park, but to each their own.

Deptford Goth’s debut album is due for release in early 2013, but in the meantime here’s the video for ‘Union’ to keep you going:

Written by: Claire Holly Davies @ClaireHolly_


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