UNSIGNED: The Adamski Kid – ‘Mowgli’

East London songwriter/producer The Adamski Kid (formerly of now defunct synth-pop outfit Dirty Disco) has recently released ‘Mowgli’ from his own label B!tch! Cassettes, following support from radio heavyweights Tom Robinson and Larry Flick.

‘Mowgli’ is is an expedition in eccentricity, without veering too far into the abyss of overt craziness.  Offbeat and incredibly listenable, with a dangerous ability to get stuck on repeat on the inbuilt ipod located between my ears,  ‘Mowgli’ is, simply put, a wicked track.  The Adamski Kid pulls you into his world and covers you in layers of distorted electronics, anomalous vocals and a seamless film of beating melodies.  The end result is a a finely tuned and satisfyingly danceable piece of noise-pop brilliance.

The Adamski Kid is currently gigging with his live band and finishing his debut album.  You can help fund the album through Pledge Music here:


You’ve got to love the video too.  It’s like a voyeuristic trip involving some form of non-sexual dogging and featuring The Adamski Kid himself looking strangely like a belly-dancing, hipster version of Freddie Mercury.

Written by Claire Davies.



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