S.C.U.M – ‘Whitechapel’

Here we have the upcoming single from London art-rock quintet S.C.U.M , set to be released on September 26.  S.C.U.M have been knocking about for a couple of years now without releasing anything of real significance, but after hearing this that could well be about to change. ‘Whitechapel’ is a absolute behemoth of a tune, and after having it playing on repeat for the last week and a half  this expansive slice of gothic disco really does set a new precedent for anyone aspiring to make engaging and danceable post-punk music.

It’s tough to pick a highlight from this track as it really is brilliant from start to finish. A haunting and ambient intro gives way to spectral vocals; droning bass reverberates with massive pounding drums, vast synths undulate and tower, with all combining masterfully to create this ethereal and mesmerising post-punk gem.

After 3 minutes 21 seconds you will definitely be hitting the play button again whilst you then proceed to either lurk mysteriously in the most shadowy corner of your living room, or cut lithe, spindly shapes of the highest gothic calibre- much like the band themselves in the Tim Noble and Sue Webster produced promo below.

If this single is anything to go by then I eagerly await their debut album, which will include an extended 6 minute version of this song.

Written by Jack Mullinger.


One Response to “S.C.U.M – ‘Whitechapel’”
  1. Mr Mike says:

    This is mint

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