Okkervil River – ‘Rider’

Okkervil River have been getting some serious attention lately having recently appeared on Letterman over in the states.

In a departure from their usually polished and folk -tinged efforts, the indie-rock outfit from Texas have recently released their sixth album ‘I Am Very Far‘ – featuring a heavier, darker sound.

Lead singer and writer Will Sheff has gone on record to describe his reasoning behind the band’s new direction: ‘I found myself wanting to not be accessible and not be crowd pleasing and basically be self-pleasing and follow what I thought was really interesting.’

Experimenting with a range of instruments and recording techniques whilst in the studio, standout single ‘Rider‘ features a number of session musicians recorded playing in the same room.  A chaotic anthem of a song, ‘Rider‘ has an infectious energy that flows throughout its entirety.

Exuberant piano playing is buried underneath layers of guitar, whilst Will Sheff’s anxious vocals puncture the concoction of frenetic drums, bass and cello.

The song was recorded using two drummers, two bass players, two pianists and seven guitarists – all playing together live at the same time in the same room.  Add a cello, timpani and an additional three vocalists and the end result is a terrifically chaotic yet beautifully landscaped audio montage.


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