Banter: The Tiger Love Interview & FREE DOWNLOAD

Hello Tiger Love! Thanks for having a chat with us for This Town is Folly, we hope you are prepared…

How’s the forthcoming album coming along?

It’s coming along great. We’re recording together at our home studio and working on some new sounds. It’s all about danceable music but once u get started you never know where it’ll take you.

Roy and Gigi, you grew up in New York but now live in London. In what ways does the music scene differ between the two?

Once you’re into a scene, whether it be electro or rock n roll, the people are almost the same, whether it be N.Y.C, London or even Tokyo for that matter. In general we feel that people in the UK are more open to new music and ideas.

How did you meet Loral?

It’s actually quite a funny incident, we were on our way to get McDonalds ice cream and we hit him with our car. Its amazing nothing happened to him although he is known to be very limber.

Your chins look lovely in your promo pic. If you could grow any type of beard what style would you pick?

We’re growing beards at the moment and the style we prefer is an “out of control” beard.

You’ve just supported Yelle and are about to play XOYO on the 28th May (our invite’s in the post yeah?) Have you had any particularly crazy or plain weird moments at your shows?

Our shows in general are pretty wild, anything is possible.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you bestow with the pleasure?

We would probably want to work with Bryan Ferry (roxy music). He’s cool. He has shiny suits and a cool haircut. He should produce our record. I hate the other Bryan guy, Bryan Eno. He is bald.

Ok…here are our final questions of folly:

1. Our hair idol is…Rod Stewart

2. If we weren’t in a band we’d be…In any other creative position (film, fashion, art-which we actually do by the way)

5. Any last words? Yes! Come see us playing live at XOYO on May 28th with Kavinsky, Feadz(Ed Banger) and Hey Today

And as if that insight into the world of Tiger Love wasn’t enough for you here is a free download of Gio Gio – oh yes!


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