Islington Boys Club – ‘Pristine 16’

Islington Boys Club walk the line between indie shoe gaze and post punk rock, topping off their in-your-face greatness with a nice dose of anthemic guitars.  Fronted by the androgynous Andy Lovelee (he of little clothes and undeterminable gender) IBC’s live sets are played out with theatrical aggression and captivating energy.

‘Plastic 16’ is part of a double release, accompanied by similarly excellent track ‘Pristine’ – however the former in my opinion wins hands down in terms  of brilliance.  IBC have had a relatively short existence, but a meteorically quick rise to prominence as an increasing number of music peddlers rave on about the group to all and sunder.

‘Plastic 16’ emerges with a dirty bass, tribal drumming and a smattering of riffs.  When the vocals kick in things get seriously seductive, weaving sublimely crafted punk tinged melodies with the boldness of Lovelee’s achingly hip tones.

Superbly British sounding and with substantial undertones of  mid-nineties angsty rock, IBC are riding the growing wave of Brit-pop influenced bands making a name for themselves across the blogosphere (post Brit-pop perhaps? I’m sure the movement will be christened unceremoniously with a suitably silly name.) 

Written and recorded by the band, ‘Plastic 16’ is a good start to a year hoped to give rise to a wave of guitar-led bands with self-penned material.  I, for one, am gagging for a year of greater substance in music as opposed to more churned out ready-made hits and IBC is the perfect tonic. All hail Islington Boys Club, long may ye reign!

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