Let’s Buy Happiness – ‘Fast Fast’

Let’s Buy Happiness became a band less than a year ago but are already causing excited murmers across music circles. ‘Fast Fast’ is their debut single and is a fine example of the bands togetherness and euphorically happy beats.  We reviewed track ‘Six Wolves’ in December – and in a testiment to just how much we heart these Geordie lovelies we wanted to share them with you again. Yes, they are that good – really!
The track washes over you in a haze of thundering drums, sliding guitars and Bjork-esq little girl vocals eminating from lead singer Sarah Hall.  Let’s Buy Happiness create resplendent indie-pop, with cherry-on-the-top angelic vocals and bucket loads of summery charm.

The band are made for festivals – and aptly played the John Peel stage at Glastonbury 2010.  I already have visions of swaying to their music in a muddy field with a fuzzy head and a can of warm cider this summer.  

Get your wellies on and grab a can of Strongbow – it’s like Summer is already here:



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