Laura Marling – ‘I Speak Because I Can’

One thing that Laura Marling exudes is an apparent wisdom beyond her years.  Only just out of her teenage years, Marling continues to pen folk-rock that harbors little girlishness, instead creating haunting tales of heartbreak and loneliness. There is something incredibly desolate about her vocals, a dark edge that belies her age and makes it all the plausible that someone so young can know so much about the world.

Marling’s confidence has evidently grown from ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’, although there is a resolute shyness that seems embedded in her, that plays out to some extent throughout the album.

I Speak Because I Can‘ is both simultaneously defiant and resplendently elegant. The most folk-rock offering on the album, it tells a story about heartbreak (an ongoing theme) but is filled with hope. It’s a great track, perhaps only bested by the simply brilliant ‘Blackberry Stone’ and ‘Goodbye England’.


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