Brother – ‘Darling Buds of May’

Is this band destined for great things or just destined to record a series of samey songs reminiscient of the indie-pop onslaught of a few years ago? (Hard-Fi and The Kooks, I’m talking to you!)

This is clean, classic British pop music with a catchy hook and enough light attitude to keep the trendies bopping along.  Zane Lowe liked it enough to play it on his Radio 1 show and bloggers everywhere are hailing it the start of a new era of Britpop. Nevertheless, I can’t help feeling like there’s something not quite hitting the spot here.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the track, I do – it’s funky and has a sing-a-long quality to it that cracks even the toughest face into a wry little smile.  But is it ‘hark, a new era of music’ special?

This band will inevitably take up some serious chart space, get their faces splashed across the press and knock-up a fair bit of touring milage – if I were a record label suit I would snap them up quick. However, the verdict is out as to whether they will be to really ruffle some serious musical feathers and create something truly great. Here’s hoping!


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