New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack – ‘Lullaby Us’

Lullaby Us’ is NYAAA’s latest track, and it’s their best offering to date.  Originally posted as a bonus track to their ‘The Collection’ EP, ‘Lullaby Us’ is easily the cream of the assortment of tracks on the compilation. 

These three pretty boys from Bradford are already creating a buzz in certain areas of the new music scene, exuding art rock tendencies that lighten up the dark crevices of the dusty venues they currently tour.

All naked chests and tattoos (and is that a hint of eye liner?) This band is as visually resplendent as they are aurally. Front man Mik Davis’ visage is reminiscent of the likes of Jim Morrison, and their sound too has enough retro edge to add interest without seeming to cross over into ‘vintage replica’ territory.

The craftsmanship behind the music is evident in the majority of their work, putting guitar melodies to the forefront of each track. ‘Lullaby Us’ is a collective effort of psychedelic rock tinged with uplifting harmonies and is a turning point for a band that appears to be gradually making waves across the gigging scene.

Check out ‘Lullaby Us’ on their Myspace:

Catch them while you can:

20 Aug 2010 20:00 Mr Kyps Poole, Dorset

21 Aug 2010 18:00 Beautiful Days: The Bimble Inn Fairmile, Devon

25 Aug 2010 20:00 Carpe Diem Leeds, West Yorks

9 Sep 2010 20:00 The Dublin Castle Camden, London 

10 Sep 2010 20:30 The New Adelphi Club, Hull, England, UNITED KINGDOM 

30 Oct 2010 8:30 Centenary Square, Bradford, West Yorks 

6 Nov 2010 20:00 The Rigger, Stoke-on-Trent, Midlands  

12 Nov 2010 20:00 The Maze Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM


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