Pulling at my Heartstrings

Today Sunderland darlings Frankie and the Heartstrings announced that they and their label Pop Sex Ltd will be putting on a new live music/club night branded as PopSex028. The event will take place in the group’s home town in an effort to get some of their favourite bands to play in that stottie loving corner of the UK – the jammy northerners! The night will be held at The Tavern and features a finger lickin’ line up of off kilter acts Sky Larkin, Dutch Uncles and fellow local lads (and weirdly similarly named) France and the Hasburgs.

Frankie and his Heartstrings are led by the bequiffed and slightly androgynous Frankie Francis, backed by his merry band of drainpiped musicians. Together they create buzzing, 60s influenced pop that errs just on the right side of retro cool. Having witnessing them first hand a while back in a dusty little Barfly in Yorkshire I can safely say that this is a party band, that lights up the stage and thoroughly entertains, if not for anything other than Frankie’s own enthusiastically gyrating hips working their magic on the stage. Frankie and the Heartstrings truly do throw out some great little numbers and single ‘Hunger’ is quite possibly amongst my favourite – have a listen to it for yourself…

Now, as PopSex028 has such a stellar line-up I feel I should give a mention to the acts gracing the bill.

Headliners Sky Larkin are long term live circuit favourites amongst the left of centre indie elite. These peddlers of ‘oh so British’ melodic alternative rock hail from Leeds (northerners again!) Here, for your thirsty ear drums, is track ‘The Beeline’

Dutch Uncles come straight out of Manchester (this is evidently a northern love-in.) These wearers of musty charity shop ‘chic’ push out urgent and fidgety pop rock. Single ‘The Ink’ is really quite good, well done!

France and the Habsburgs fill the support slot with their quirky arrangements and post punk influences. These boys are definitely onto something good, and ‘Photographic Heart’ is one of their better honed offerings.  Keep your ear to the ground with this band, they might just go on to do great things.

Have a listen to them on Hype Machine:  http://hypem.com/search/france++the+habsburgs


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