Mystery Jets: Serotonin

The fourth album from five man band Mystery Jets was released unto our expectant ears earlier this month. Serotonin is a love letter to indie-pop, no more of the excess and exuberance of their first two albums, this is a finely mastered exploration of synth-induced melodies.

At times sweet and lulling and at others dark and allusive, this is a nod towards their sometimes experimental rationale but with a big dollop of classic pop. Perhaps they are playing it a little safe at a time when everyone is somewhat weary of taking risks. However, despite any proclamations from die hard Making Dens fans (although track ‘Flash a Hungry Smile’ may appease the cynics with its kazoos, bells and declaration that “the birds and the bees have all caught STDs.”) this album is pretty darn good!

The craftsmanship of each track is excellent and the nostalgic whimsy of the album produces an irresistibly retro feel to the whole affair. Produced by Chris Thomas, who has worked with the likes of Pink Floyd and Pulp, this album had good legs from its inception. Mystery Jets are the masters of a hooky chord sequence and catchy melodies that evoke a warm, fuzzy, reminiscent feeling.

Overall, this is a grander affair than their previous offerings, smoothing out the edges to produce a polished formula of pop-centric sounds. Hints of prog-rock and creepy edges add interest to proceedings, and whilst most of the quirks of their earlier work may have gone, this is an upbeat salutation to the summer that will keep many a toe tapping.

Catch Mystery Jets at this years Offset Festival:


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