Pains of Being Pure at Heart – ‘Say no to Love’

I love a good old dose of twee, that sparkly, fuzzy noise that is simultaneously loved and loathed across the indie music spectrum. I am therefore going to slyly dodge the debate surrounding whether such music is the muddy heritage line of the good old days of yonder, or a new resurgence of unashamedly addictive pop.

POBPAH (catchy) write simplistic and well crafted songs and this is no different. Lead singer Kip Berman’s (and there’s an American name if ever I did hear one) muted vocals lull hazily over the melodic chord-driven guitar sequences.  Ok, so it’s not going to win any Noble prizes for ingenuity or progress in music, but it’s a warm, pretty song for summer days with a laid back vibe that will ease you gently into July.


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