Wild Nothing – New EP ‘Evertide’

The end of June saw the release of Wild Nothing’s new EP ‘Evertide’, which is available on a fancy very limited edition hard copy featuring French artist Franz Vesolt’s artwork (I believe only 75 hard copies have been made.) Naturally you can also download the EP on your interweb machine.

Wild Nothing is the project of Jack Tatum, of Virginia USA, and has been receiving some hot attention following the release of debut album ‘Gemini’. Tatum shows us just how to do ambient guitar-pop, full of interesting details and nods to the indie greats such as Johnny Marr and Morrissey.

Understated melodies snake around the sentiments of romanticism and melancholy in songs that are like labyrinths of textured, nostalgic harmonies. At times Tatum’s bleak lyrics about death and pessimism threaten to topple his work into miserable territory, but the beauty of his song craft claws the album back from the brink of despair.

The songs from ‘Evertide’ continue in the same lo fi dripping vein as ‘Gemini’, creating a dreamy amalgamation of guitar delay and droning keys. This is the perfect anecdote to the present July drizzle (yep, the United Kingdom truly is a summer hot spot) and is deserving of the accolade thrown upon it by music press.

The EP is the first release of new boutique label Warmest Cloud, the lovechild of some folks from Rough Trade and Make Mine. Fusing art with music (a die hard pop culture favourite) the label places emphasis upon the design and packaging of their records, ensuring that each release is accompanied by a limited edition screen print from an up-and-coming artist. A digital mix tape created by the artist is also included in the release that helps morphs them into exclusive collectible items, in an effort to form a new approach to the record label ethic.

Wild Nothing will be embarking on a UK tour later this month starting at Truck Festival 2010 and then on the following dates:

Sat 24 Jul     The Freebutt & The PenthouseBrighton
Mon 26 Jul  The City Arts & Music Project (C.A.M.P.) London
Tue 27 Jul   Brudenell Social Club Leeds
Wed 28 Jul  Captains Rest Glasgow
Thu 29 Jul   The Deaf Institute Manchester
Fri 20 Aug   The Luminaire London


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