Local Natives: Impromptu Street Gig

London’s so-trendy-it-hurts Hoxton Square played host to what was expected to be a small Local Natives gig last night. The California rockers had reportedly only expected a minimal crowd, and as such had proceeded to bring along a bunch of acoustic instruments for what they thought set to be a cozy open air affair.

No such luck I’m afraid boys as this corner of the East End quickly packed out with excitable revelers, all wanting a piece of Local Natives action!

The impromptu gig was announced by the band on Twitter only hours before it started and consisted of a ramshackle track list, picked at random from their debut album ‘Gorilla Manor’, throwing in a cover of the Talking Heads’Warning Sign’ for good measure.

Somewhat lacking in amps, due to their presumption that they would be playing to a limited audience, the group soon found themselves asking the crowd to shuffle closer together so they could better hear the set. At the end of the gig, front man Taylor Rice invited the audience to drink with the band into the wee hours, to celebrate the success of their pop-up performance.

Local Natives will be playing the Summer Sundae Weekender, as well as Leeds and Reading Festivals this summer.

This blog article was also published on www.thisisoffset.co.uk


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