Pulled Apart by Horses – Back to the Fuck Yeah

Having witnessed the fitness that is Pulled Apart by Horses initially a couple of years ago when they were playing the circuits across Yorkshire (the band hails from Leeds, a city famed for producing pop culture stalwarts such as Alex Zane, Julian Barratt and, er, Scary Spice) I was suitably excited when I heard they had released their debut album.

The sound created by this fine band is one of chaos, anarchy and tribulation, all brought together by a shared sense of humor and a love of brazen riffs. Frenzied disco drums and howling vocals grab you by your ear lobes and inform you that this here music is a rock riot – and don’t you forget it!

Taking you along a twisted journey of pounding beats and spluttering rhythms, the song titles alone could entertain even the most resolute of reviewers. This album was always going to be a difficult feat, PABH are well known for their injury-inducing and apologetically raucous shows and as such there was a certain aura of doubt hanging over the bands ability to reproduce this in recorded format.

But manage it they have and laugh in merriment at their success they will, thanks in large part to the handiwork of James Kenosha, Bridlington’s finest producer! The album is a brilliant cacophony of bass led tracks, tearing through the sound of some excellent lead guitar. The vocals mostly lean on the harsher hardcore style preferred by the likes of Alexisonfire but at other times waver into the more melodic side of affairs reminiscent of Blood Red Shoes.

Pulled Apart by Horses brilliance is most supreme in their lyrical mastery; they have a way with words that peppers the harshness of their noise with a much appreciated dose of wit. The band rips into any presumptions listeners may accrue when first becoming exposed to their music, battling against the stereotypes of heavy rock and sending themselves up with lyrics such as “Awesome! Radical! Awesome! Totally pretentious” in ‘Meat Balloon’ and amusing track titles such as ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ and ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’.

This is a treat of an album, not least for its energetic fervency and smattering of quirky eccentricities. Whilst it can never replace the intensity of their live shows, it sure does help to capture the magic! I predict much at-home moshing and subsequent neighborly noise complaints.

Peruse their wares at: http://pulledapartbyhorses.com/


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