An Ode to Lissie

This Southern American belle has been doing her folk/country thing for a while now, but has started to make some serious waves across the UK. Having recently appeared in The Observer and on Jools Holland, Lissie is increasingly gaining the attention of the British music press.

Her music is easy going, beautiful Americana that verges into blues to create a vivid hybrid of laid back melodies.

Recently Lissie has been held to trial by accusations that her music, in some parts, has been structured towards generating sales as her star steadily rises. Whilst perhaps this could harbour an element of truth (single ‘When I’m Alone’ does have a hint of ‘easy listening drive time’ about it) there is an undeniable emotive quality to her work and when this girl is good, she’s breathtaking.

The raw essence of her better work, such as ‘Oh Mississippi’ and recent single ‘In Sleep’, transport you to her Nashville-influenced roots. Lissie’s voice expels the perfect balance of soul and gritty edginess, keeping the most critical listener transfixed.

Captivating listening, whether stripped down bare or layered up to create beautiful country inspired symphonies, this is music that will evoke the emotions of even the biggest bad ass.

Feed your ears with some good stuff, this is her latest single ‘In Sleep’


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