Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers have an uncanny knack of jumbling together garage, lo-fi, and prog amongst a multitude of genre bending noises and yet creating a seamlessly consistent overall sound that fails to be easily identifiable. In parts chaotically brilliant, with a mess of varied instruments seemingly rebelling against their traditional roles and at other moments sombrely downbeat and hauntingly transfixing, this is music to get rowdy to.

At times Crystal Antlers sound slightly repetitive, with a couple of tracks seeming to be a somewhat similar mesh of noise and destruction. Nevertheless the band transcends musical boundaries and presents a range of innovative tracks to choose from.

Prog rock tinged ‘Memorized’ combines a fervent tempo mixed with keyboard riffs and ‘Painless Sleep’ sounds like its tripping over itself in a playful manner. Slower tracks such as ‘Vapor Trail’ and ‘Until the Sun Dies (Part One)’ offer ambient, reflective melodies that submerge again into wild abandon.

Overall Crystal Antlers sound like a band that has yet to reach their full potential but are on the edge of something…unexpected. To add to the debate, here is a track that is like the marmite of the music blogosphere. ‘Andrew’ to some is their most promising offering, and to others is a wailing mess. I am of the opinion that it’s their best number, a vulnerable and chillingly beautiful culmination of singer/bassit Jonny Bell’s vocals and textured guitar that is set apart from the rest of their repertoire. But don’t let me influence you (perish the thought!), have a listen for yourself.


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