Tom Williams and the Boat ‘Concentrate’

Whilst trawling the online pages of Artrocker one evening I happened across this little piece of ear canal candy. I’m kicking myself a bit that I didn’t discover this sooner, apparently it used to get played a fair bit on 6music, so quite how I missed it I will never fathom.

Admittedly folky music is having a bit of a moment, but in single ‘Concentrate’ Tom and co rise above an ability to jangle a guitar and warble heart wrenching prose. Keen to get away from the folk tag, Tom Williams and the Boat have delivered a darker track then perhaps expected.

The drum-led single, features deep set male vocals layered on top of violins, saxes, pianos and harmonicas. The charming, yet simplistic in many ways (the variety of instruments, played by a number of band members, resist the temptation of creating a rich, overly complex sound.)

The original Tom Williams et al track ‘Concentrate’ was re-released on the 8th March this year, with a toned down folk element and an altogether rockier, more driven track. Electric guitars and Tom’s spat out lyrics are brought to the forefront of the track, creating an emotive overall effect.

Gutted I missed this one first time round! **kick** **kick**

Get the down-low and indeed the low-down at:


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