Medicine for the Ears

Be still my beating earlobes.  I am in aural love.  Those in the know, knows I heart a good piece of grunge-tinged whimsical atmospheric shoegaze. Warpaint are one of those bands that reaffirm your belief in the goodness of music for the soul and make you prick up your ears and listen.

Beautiful harmonies and honeyed vocals float gently above opulent instrumental melodies. Playing one track after another the group make seamless transitions from melancholy ambience to driven, stirring sounds. One listen to their album ‘Exquisite Corpse can sweep you away, leaving you craving it like an addict wanting one more dose of their magical splendour.

Warpaint manage to capture an eerie sense of being somewhat detached from the present, emitting an almost grainy noise offset with lilting, breathy vocals.

Billie Holiday – is perhaps their pivotal track. A delicate composition that weaves the lyrical hook to Mary Wells’ ‘My Guy’ into the dreamy fabric of gentle guitar strums and drum strokes.

Elephants – One of my favourite songs of last year, slick bass lines compliment 90s grunge guitars and wailing layers of harmonious vocals.

The LA natives are now signed to Rough Trade and are definitely one of my tips for the following year, catch them on their forthcoming UK dates while the tickets are still within your average mans budget.


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