Manic Episodes of Music Schizophrenia

I’m sat in my new flat, perched on my blow-up mattress surrounded by boxes and other debris (as of yet I don’t own any furniture.)

So, to amuse myself I have been dancing around my no-furniture to three of the songs I am currently bumming out; Die! Die! Die! ‘White Horses’, Beat! Beat! Beat! ‘Fireworks’ and Bibio ‘Ambivalence Avenue’. Hm, perhaps I have a thing for the over use of punctuation in band names, but I digress.

There’s something about Die! Die! Die!’s ‘White Horses’ that makes me want to hot foot it to a dingy Camden pub to drink jack-and-coke and nod along to the ‘tunes’ with the other bar dwellers.  It’s a corrosive track that sets off with a perpetually fatigued beat, before front man Andrew Wilson’s dissenting vocals intrude on proceedings. It seems to verge on deterioration, with distorted pulled notes forming a drone that makes it sound a little Joy Division and a little The Pixies. ‘White Horses’ is from their most excellent 2008 album ‘Promises Promises’ and I implore you to buy it!

Beat! Beat! Beat!’s ‘Fireworks’ has an infectious beat that resonates throughout the entirety of the track. It reminds me of jumping around at the front of a gig, until the crowd ends up in a bizarre half-mosh to slightly inappropriate music. It’s boisterous, exciting stuff that lives up to the German four piece’s aptly titled name. The frenetic guitars battle it out with a fidgety drum sequence that forces you to foot-tap furiously. This little piece of 21st century pop-shoegaze hybrid can help cure cold-weather ailments (possibly), I recommend you put on your listening ears and treat them to this little gem.

In comparison, I’ve been listening to ‘Ambivalence Avenue’, a track I downloaded from Bibio’s same-titled 2009 album. It’s a gloriously heady, god-damn-hippy feeling piece of sunshine goodness. The track makes me feel warm in my belly and I have to suppress the urge to don a daisy chain head band and run outside with bare feet. This is electro-acoustic excellence, embellished with a crackley, whimsical top coat that comes with a side-order of nostalgia. The funky bass, combined with airy vocals and 60s influenced guitar riffs produce a stylistically resplendent sample of upbeat musical goodness, with an element of Sesame Street in it that I find strangely brilliant. Must download album.

Links y’all:

Die! Die! Die!

Beat! Beat! Beat!



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